New Hillary Clinton Campaign Ad Uses Trump’s Own Party To Destroy Him (Video)

Like a strategy straight out of Sun Tzu’s Art Of War, Hillary Clinton is using Donald Trump’s own party against him in a brutal new campaign ad that shows even the majority of Republicans find Trump distasteful and potentially disastrous for America.

This week, Donald Trump became the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee after an embarrassing thrashing in Indiana finally caused Evangelical nut-bar Ted Cruz to accept defeat and drop out of the race, followed shortly by Ohio Governor John Kasich. With Trump the last man standing on the Republican ticket, and Clinton being the odds-on favorite for the Democrats, things are about to get real nasty along the campaign trail as both candidates gear up for the general election.

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In a newly released ad attacking Trump’s temperament, qualifications, and overall intelligence, Clinton did not use her own words to expose the many failings of the bombastic Trump, but Trump’s own party to illustrate just how dangerous Mr. Reality TV would be if he were to somehow win the presidency this November.

The ad, entitled “Republican party unifier: Donald Trump?” is a variable rogues gallery of Republican leadership as GOP all-stars from Mitt Romney to Marco Rubio are shown criticizing some of the many dangerous traits that Donald Trump has displayed over the past 9 months of the Republican race for the nomination.

In the video Trump is called a “phony” by Romney, “the most vulgar person ever to aspire to the presidency,” by Rubio and a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot,” by Lindsey Graham; and these remarks are from the people who are supposed to have his back against Hillary Clinton.

The true irony in all of this, of course, is the fact that most of the Republicans who have attacked and dismissed Trump over the past few months, will most likely embrace and even endorse a man they have said over and over again would be an absolute nightmare if elected, proving once again the Republican party cares more about money and power than the American people.

Watch Republican’s shred their own Presidential nominee here:


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