New Hillary Ad Shows Trump Saying All The Things Mike Pence Claims He Never Said (VIDEO)

The vice presidential debate was a contentious affair, with candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence spending most of the time attacking each other’s running mate rather than discussing their own qualifications. In his attacks on Donald Trump, Kaine highlighted a number of the Republican’s most outrageous statements and policy proposals. Each time he did, Pence could be seen on the split screen, shaking his head then claiming that neither Trump nor he had ever said or proposed such a thing. I know conservatives like things the old-fashioned way, but do they really think we live in a world with no recording technology?

Hillary Clinton has made good use of that technology to remind voters that when Pence denied things like Trump’s past praise of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, or his suggestion that women who get abortions should be “punished,” Pence either had a very poor memory or was lying through his teeth (I vote for the latter). On Wednesday morning Hillary released a new campaign ad that highlights some of the facts that her running mate brought up about Trump during the debate, with The Donald himself affirming them in his own words.

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It’s obvious the ad has hit a nerve. In the few hours since it was released the Twitter comments from Trump’s supporters have been a pathetic string of ad hominem attacks against Clinton, with a few shots at Kaine thrown in for good measure. Some of them proudly wear the title “deplorable” in their Twitter handles as they share things like this:

Of course Trump’s allies on social media can’t do anything except attack Clinton, since the ad shows Trump saying exactly the things Pence claims he never said. Although I’m sure that somewhere there’s a deplorable passing around a conspiracy theory about how Clinton’s campaign doctored the video to alter their god-emperor’s words, or something to that effect.

Here is Hillary’s brilliant new ad, via Twitter:

Featured image via Twitter screen capture

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