New Hampshire Republicans Are Horrified Trump Might Get The Nomination

While the possibility of a Trump/Cruz 2016 ticket is excellent cannon fodder for political comedy, for political pundits and outsiders such as myself, the possibility of Trump getting the nod is an all too real outcome — and Democrats aren’t the only ones terrified of the prospect.

“I think he’s a buffoon”

The latest CNN poll showed the Teflon Don hovering at near 40 percent of the vote for the Republicans polled. When confronted with numbers like that, it’s easy to lose sight of the 60 percent of Republican voters who apparently don’t prefer overt fascism.

A 60 percent Chris Christie has chased after in recent days campaigning in the key primary state, New Hampshire.

While speaking to a crowd in a VFW hall in Pelham on Tuesday, Christie told voters his patience was wearing thin and he was ready to take on Hillary Clinton. “The old ‘you’re in my top three’ thing ain’t going to work anymore, OK?” He added, “You can only vote for one. And I want to be your one.”

Interviews with Republican voters in New Hampshire suggest they’re getting closer to narrowing down candidates, and Trump being excluded from various top three lists is a running theme among a significant minority of voters.

One Jim Hirni, aged 70 of Hollis, told interviewers he’d make up his mind in January. He was planning to “study their positions” when he returns from a cruise. Hirni, who considers the deficit as his top concern, said he was leaning towards Christie, but was also considering liar Carly Fiorina or Senator Rubio.

Others, like Brian Aron, 56, of Bedford, felt “pretty close” to choosing Christie but haven’t made a definitive selection. He described Christie as “straightforward, experienced, gets the job done.”

A number of Christie’s supporters were worried Trump would win.

Chris Freiberger, 58, of Manchester, said he was “terrified” of Trump being the nominee, adding,”I think he’s a buffoon, I really do.”

He appeared to be speaking for the minority in his situation; Christie has gained ground in New Hampshire, and two new polls place him in fourth, with eleven percent of the vote — just behind Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who were at twelve and fourteen percent, respectively. For all the ground he’s gained, however, he hasn’t been gaining it fast enough: the Teflon Don is still in the lead, with 26 percent in one poll and 32 percent in another.

Perhaps the most interesting comments came from Dan Chase, 68, of Stratham. “They all mimic each other,” he said, adding while he’s weighing the merits of Christie, Kasich, and Bush, he didn’t sound close to making a final call. “All I’m looking for is the difference,” he said.

All I’m looking for is a sane candidate on the right. I’d probably never agree with them, but I want someone who isn’t fascist and who I can respect all the same — and it doesn’t look like that Christmas Miracle came true this year.

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