New Bloomberg Poll: Republicans Are Actually Delusional

Just in time for “pass the gravy, please,” — and that one relative that just has to talk about politics — a new Bloomberg poll indicates that only around 38 percent of Republicans are not delusional, but the other 53 percent are so detached from reality that they believe that unemployment has gone UP over the last seven years.

Never mind that the highest unemployment this nation suffered was during the recession of 2008, with numbers approaching ten percent, while people across the country lost their homes to a predatory lending market and the stock market floundered. Never mind that it actually has fallen to five percent as of October 2015. All they care about is what they THINK is happening, and what their propagandists tell them.

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This information is probably not shocking to you, it isn’t to me. However, it is a very large part of the problem. Republicans are not “inexplicably” flocking to support Trump and the Oligarchs, they are doing so because they are carefully kept away from facts that rupture the idea that we need to make this already great nation, “great again.” Unfortunately, there is also research that says that even giving them facts may actually make them believe the lies more.

Like mushrooms, the GOP keeps their voters scared, in the dark and fed on bullsh*t (conspiracy theories) so that when it comes time to vote or protest no pesky facts get in the way. They need to believe that the scary black man in the White House might be a secret Muslim, and that jobs are more scarce than ever or they would never rally to support a “Deportation Force for Mexicans and database to track Muslims.” If jobs are not scarce, then the hatred and expulsion of the Chinese, Irish, African-Americans, um, Mexican immigrants makes little sense.

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If you know that jobs are not scarce, though jobs were scarce after the Bush administration literally destroyed the economy, attacked the WRONG country (unless the goal was monetary), and left this nation scrambling to find an identity that fit after we allowed fear and hate to rule us, then you know that President Obama’s administration has made great strides toward actually making the country great again. If you pay any attention to facts at all, and not just the FOX News Murdoch Paranoia Machine, you know that this country has been and is still improving.

Without these delusions of incompetence  most of the GOP talking points disintegrate in the light of the truth. Now if only we could get them to care about the truth enough to actually seek it out and accept it.

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