Nepotism Meets Bigotry: After Kim Davis Is Jailed, Son Refuses To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses (VIDEO)

It seems that in at least one Kentucky courthouse, there are some things that run in the family: government jobs, breaking the law, misguided moral authority and bigotry. By now you have surely heard of the infamous Kim Davis, hero to right-wing gay bashers and homophobic, hypocritical villain to almost everyone else.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock or in a coma – here’s a quick recap of the whole Kim Davis fiasco:

Davis is a thrice-divorced county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky who became a born-again Christian a few years ago, and is suffering from something some people call the “conversion effect.” That’s basically when an individual makes a life change and zealously insists that everyone around them should make the same change with the same fervor. Although it mostly applies to religion, it can include diet, quitting a substance or almost anything.

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In this case, Davis felt the need to prove to the world what a good little follower of Christ she was by refusing to do her job, even after she was specifically ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite her hissy-fit appeal.  Why? Because “God gave her the authority.” Duh.

Then earlier today, Kim Davis was found to be in contempt of court, and was taken away to jail. Excuse me as I go get a tissue. All guffawing can really cause the eyes to water…. I mean, as another writer put it:

Kim married husband #1

She got knocked up with twins by husband #3 while married to husband #1

She then divorced husband #1 and married husband #2

Husband #2 adpots husband #3’s kids

She then divorced husband #2 and married husband #3

Then, she divorced husband #3 and married husband #2 again.

But those terrible homogays are the ones that are REALLY ruining the sanctity of marriage, right?

Kim Davis’ reign of terror, and her not only-bigoted-son Nathan:

In the aftermath of Kim Davis being taken to jail, the six deputy clerks were told they could comply with the law or go to jail. Five of the six deputy clerks were probably relieved to hear this. According to Raw Story:

Rowan County Attorney Cecil Watkins said in a Wednesday interview that the deputy clerks were too afraid to disagree with Davis to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

“The takeaways from the Watkins interview are clear. Davis is acting alone in her zealous mission,” wrote Shannon Ragland, of the Kentucky Trial Court Review. “Her conduct has terrorized not just her staff but everyone that works in the courthouse. And all for a foolish mission aided by out-of-state charlatan lawyers trying to raise money for their ‘religious liberty’ mission.”

The one exception, of course, was her 21-year-old son Nathan. Apparently, this job runs in the family, as he is the third generation to hold work in this government office. In reference to Kim Davis, reports:

Davis succeeded her mother, Jean W. Bailey, who was Rowan County clerk for nearly 40 years until she retired. Davis was one of her mother’s deputy clerks for much of that time, just as her 21-year-old son, Nathan, now works as one of her deputies.

Maybe it’s time this nepotism comes to an end. Although the judge states that Nathan will not be put in jail with his mother, one has to wonder why not. If she’s in contempt of court, and the deputy clerks were told they would be too if they didn’t comply with the law – why is he getting special treatment?

Here’s a video on the case:


Featured image via video screen capture from YouTube 

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