Neo-Con Gun Club President Threatens Civil War If States Don’t Suppress Minority Voters (VIDEO)

Larry Pratt is president of Gun Owners of America, a gun lobby that’s even further to the right than the National Rifle Association.

Recently Pratt shared his “concerns” over his fears widespread “voter fraud” that could take place at during November’s presidential elections should states fail to put restrictive voter ID laws into place.

On his radio show, Pratt used the same tired GOP talking points, describing how the Democratic party patronizes minority voters by arguing it’s too difficult for some people to obtain state identification cards.

Pratt then goes on to reveal what he and the rest of the gun lobby truly have to fear from free and open elections. He says that if the Democrats win in November, they would then have control over Supreme Court nominations. He argues that a liberal Supreme Court will destroy the Second Amendment and if that happens his like-minded friends may skip the ballot box and go to the “bullet box” instead:

Pratt and his right-wing cohorts don’t really care about how the Democratic party treats minority voters, nor do they care if those voters have access to the ballot box.

And for those unfamiliar with the American Legislative Exchange Counsel (ALEC), this organization is even more powerful than a traditional lobby. ALEC enjoys the protection of a 501(c)(3) classification which gives it the same protections as non-profit religious organizations, and the group classifies it’s activities as “educational.”

In truth ALEC is funded by major corporations who make sure that they “teach” conservative politicians what laws to pass, such as “right to work” legislation and other harmful corporate-friendly bills.

Click here to learn more about ALEC and it’s agenda.

Pratt also fails to mention that many poor, elderly, and minority voters lack the resources needed to obtain a state ID. In many cases, people can not get birth certificates and other documentation needed due to cost and sometimes availability if they were born in other states.

Republicans know this, otherwise, they wouldn’t bother promoting these laws. With voter ID laws, they anticipate a reduction in eligible Democratic voters, which translates into an advantage for Republicans.

They also have no problems having voters wait hours in line to vote or states making access to facilities that provide IDs less accessible to non-Republican voters.

But, if you even suggest the same type of restrictions on gun ownership, Pratt and his gun lobby nuts go through the roof. It’s Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

Featured image via video screen capture 

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