NBC Reporter Tweets Hilarious Photo Of How Easily He Can Expose A Trump Lie Right From Control Room

Donald Trump may be an expert at shamelessly lying, but he’s not very adept at making sure nobody notices. As the race dwindles down to the home stretch, Trump continues to get exposed on countless lies per day, and even worse (if you’re Trump or the GOPers who support him), the media is getting pretty experienced with fact checking him in real time.

On Friday, NBC Nightly News senior editor Bradd Jaffy gave fans a glimpse of just how easy it is to catch Trump in a lie. His false statements are so egregious, you don’t even have to strain your neck to catch them. Jaffy tweeted a photo of the hilarious juxtaposition between an unfolding Trump lie and its debunking all in a single shot of a studio control room.

At a rally, Trump was in the middle of a rant about how the media picks on him and never covers Hillary Clinton. It was a theory undone by one small problem: At that exact moment, NBC was airing a segment about Clinton’s recently released tax returns.

Trump may not like the coverage difference between himself and Clinton, but it’s certainly not from lack of airtime. Instead, Clinton gets more favorable coverage because she has managed to avoid smearing Gold Star families, or float conspiracies about Iranian nuclear scientists, or make death threats towards her political opponents, or accuse any American of being the founder of ISIS. Trump, on the other hand, can’t stop saying things that will get him a backlash.

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight.com recently provided further proof that this was true.

Meanwhile, networks have spent the last year of the election getting better and better at countering Trump’s constant lies. They aren’t perfect, but they’ve clearly reached a turning point. In recent months, all major networks besides Fox News have taken a stronger approach towards fact-checking Trump in real-time. This means when he spews lies, viewers see that what he is saying isn’t true before it has time to gain any traction. The results speak for themselves.

Thankfully, Trump makes a fact-checkers job relatively easy (although, surely infuriating). As Jaffy’s photo illustrates, it can sometimes be as easy as glancing up at the giant monitor above a reporter’s head.

Featured image via Twitter

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