NBC Poll About Obama’s Birthplace Shows Exactly Who Is Responsible For The Rise Of Trump

Five years ago, Donald Trump catapulted himself into politics by tapping into the delusional minds of the right-wing Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann loving Tea Partiers. You know the types, they follow the likes of Ted Nugent and cling to every word spoken by Alex Jones. They thrive on conspiracy. They eat it, drink it, and take it to dinner and a movie every weekend. They LOVE conspiracy and there is one conspiracy that they will cling to until their hands are cold: Obama’s birth certificate.

We know this. We know these people. We have come to expect this strange, irrational and unhinged mentality from the right-wing. Personally, I’ve always thought that was sitting more on the fringes than the actual fabric of the Republican party. However, NBC just released a poll that amplifies just how far right the Republican party has shifted.

The poll stated “Barack Obama was born in the United States” and respondents were asked to respond with their level of agreement. Of course, the vast majority of Democrats agreed with the statement, which is good considering, you know, he was.

The shocking part is that 72 percent of those who identified as registered Republican voters are skeptical of the President’s birthplace, with 41 percent outright disagreeing with the statement.

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Pollsters also asked three factual political questions to measure the knowledge of those who were responding. Interestingly enough, there were basically no differences between how “low-knowledge” and “high-knowledge” Republicans responded to the poll regarding Obama’s birthplace.

So, yes, even Republicans who are considered to be knowledgable in the realm of politics still disagreed that President Obama is an actual legal citizen of the country he leads.

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If your Facebook newsfeed is anything like mine, you’ve seen many of your fellow liberals condemn Hillary Clinton. They are using the same slurs and nicknames many of the far-righties are using. They are posting memes from right-wing sources, condemning Hillary and are even making claims for their own wacko conspiracy theory – that Donald Trump is a plant in this election, placed there by none other than Hillary Clinton.

Yeah. . . no, I don’t think so. If this poll serves as anything, it shows that Donald Trump’s rise to be the Republican Presidential Candidate is all on the right-wing. When 72 percent of Republicans are still doubtful on the birthplace of the current sitting president, even after proof has been supplied and is currently stored on Whitehouse.gov, the rise of Donald Trump is all on them. They did it. They get to own it. He is theirs – with all the bigotry, hate, and conspiracy they can muster.

Featured image via Scott Eisen/Getty Images

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