NBC Just Released The First Poll Taken Since Trump’s ‘P*ssy’ Comments – And It’s OVER

There’s a reason Republicans are jumping off the Trump Train like it’s headed for a cliff. There’s a reason Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called an emergency meeting of House Republicans and ordered them to fend for themselves and prepare for Clinton’s presidency. There’s a reason why MSNBC host Chris Hayes cryptically tweeted that a new poll was coming out that all Americans would probably want to take a look at.

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And now we know that reason: In the first poll conducted after Trump’s “grab ’em by the p*ssy” comments were leaked, there are signs that this race isn’t just no longer close, it’s effectively over.

In a head-to-head ballot, Hillary Clinton is now beating Trump by 14 points. In a 4-way, more favorable to Trump, ballot, Clinton is only beating him by 11 points. To put that in perspective, President Obama’s victory in 2008 was considered a “landslide” because he beat John McCain by… 7 points.

If these numbers hold, the word “landslide” will need to be updated. This is something else.

But that’s just the lightning – the thunder hasn’t clashed yet.

Trump’s “must win” second debate is looking like it only damaged him further. Despite earlier claims by his campaign that he won, the post-debate polls show that he got creamed. He looked unhinged. He didn’t answer the questions. He lurked behind Clinton like a predator. And the stunt he pulled by bringing some of Bill Clinton’s accusers backfired badly. The NBC poll ended before the debate started. We won’t get a full picture of the damage he has done to himself for a few more days.

And all the while rumors are swirling that there are other, “worse” leaks coming in the next few weeks.

That boom you hear? That’s the thunder.

Featured image via Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images

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