NBC Crushes Rubio For Being a Hypocrite Who’ll Vote For A Vulgar Con-Artist (VIDEO)

Marco Rubio is such a shameless shill that he’ll vote for anyone over a Democrat, even if that means supporting Donald Trump who the Florida Senator has called a small-handed con-artist.

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie asked Rubio about Thursday’s debate where Rubio “let Donald Trump have it.”

…calling him a con artist, calling him a fraud, saying he doesn’t really know much about foreign policy, and seems totally uncurious to learn. But then something happened at the end of the debate. You rose your hand and said, yes, if he’s the nominee, you will support him. How do you square those two things?

Rubio had a hard time admitting what a hypocrite that makes him. “Yeah, I get it. I mean that’s the quandary that we’re in, right,” he said before trashing Hillary Clinton. “If this was anyone else, if any other candidate that ran for president this year would be sitting in the position Donald Trump is today, that question would not be coming up. There is a reason why that question is being asked.”

The truth is, that question is coming up not because the likely nominee is Donald Trump, it’s coming up because the nominee isn’t going to be Marco Rubio. When Republicans run for office against other Republicans they trash and tear them down. That’s how campaigns work. They are vicious and disgusting and they’ll stop at nothing to destroy their opponent.

Check out the full video below thanks to Media Matters:

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