Nasty Women And Bad Hombres: Twitter Responds To The Third Presidential Debate (TWEETS)

The last Presidential debate is over. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that we won’t have to listen to Donald Trump whine at Hillary Clinton about her emails anymore. We can relax on the debate front but we can’t let up on the push to make sure we don’t have  Trump installed as Dictator-in-Chief. We still have to vote blue.

The Twitterverse had a lot of different responses to the third debate. The Trumpites, as they are wont to do, said awful things about Hillary. After all, like Trump, like Trumpites. Their “fact checks” pretty much equate to, “Hillary said it so that means it can’t be true.” Or false. Whatever they think makes her look bad. Sad.

On the other side of the fence… okay, our side of it… we have witty and intelligent Tweets. Yeah, we can get serious now and then but Trump tends to draw the snark from us. Here are some of my favorite Tweets from Debate Night 3: The Wreckoning

These are just General comments on the sideshow:

Trump’s ugly — and obviously impromptu — comment about immigrants inspired the hashtag #BadHombres. I bet that’s one his people wish hadn’t gone directly to his mouth, by-passing his brain entirely. The man just has no filter.

Towards the end of the debate, Trump just could not help himself. As Hillary was speaking he called her a “nasty woman.” His obnoxious comment was picked up on right away by the Twitterhood. It’s even a T-shirt now!

Many Twitterers summarized the debate for the benefit of those who did not watch:

Some Republicans are actually concerned about their party. These two have been outspoken about Trump’s unsuitability on Twitter and elsewhere.

There was another very-hyped show that aired on Wednesday night, American Horror Story. This coincidence did confuse some…

And, finally, this is the perfect .gif to sum up the evening:

Twitter is always a fun place to hang out during debates and other important political events. I’ve spent nearly every debate there — both GOP and Democratic primaries and general — and it’s the only way I’ve been able to keep my sanity and soberness. You hear that, Twitter? You kept me sane. How effed up is that? See you on Election Day.

Featured Image via Twitter

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