Narcissist Donald Trump Claims Credit For Ben Carson’s Declining Popularity

Ben Carson has made a series of gaffes recently, culminating in one of his own advisers telling The New York Times that he’s having so much trouble grasping foreign policy, they need to have weekly conference calls “to make him smart.” Now, his poll numbers are dropping, and who’s claiming the credit for this? Our friendly neighborhood GOP narcissist, Donald Trump.

Trump actually said it this way:

I think it is in free fall, I think, if you look over the last week and a half, two weeks. Maybe I helped it along by making a speech two weeks ago.

The speech he’s referring to is one in which he called Iowa voters stupid for falling for Carson’s stupidity (because that’s totally the way to endear yourself to voters). This is how narcissistic Trump is. He sees his main challenger cratering in the polls and he automatically assumes it’s his star power, his policy prowess, and his ability to cut to the point that made it happen.

It can’t possibly have anything to do with Carson’s belief that the Egyptian pyramids were for grain storage. That’s a myth that even nutbag creationist Ken Ham doesn’t believe.

It wouldn’t have anything to do with Carson saying that he knew China had troops in Syria, and then doubling down on that by saying that his sources were better than the White House’s.

It obviously doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that he couldn’t name a single U.S. ally he’d call on to be part of a coalition to defeat ISIS. Lest we forget, ISIS, and how to defeat them, are hot topics following the attacks in Paris. When presidential candidates fall flat on their faces regarding major foreign policy, that’s a problem for voters. It’s especially a problem for voters who see enemies everywhere and want assurance that the U.S. is, has been, and always will be, on top of things.

It’s got nothing whatsoever to do with anything Carson has said or done over the last two weeks. This is all entirely due to Donald Trump and his brilliance at taking Carson down by insulting Iowa voters. Can he get any more egotistical than that?

Image of Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr. Image of Ben Carson by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-CA 2.0 via Flickr. Images merged by Rika Christensen

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