Nancy Pelosi Just Trolled Paul Ryan Hard With Hilarious Fake Press Release (TWEETS)

Poor Paul Ryan, all he wants to do is keep his head down and try to escape the continually growing mountain of racism, bigotry, and mindless drivel that Trump is refusing to camouflage. But no, he’s not even allowed to do that, because Nancy Pelosi’s office sent out a “press release” worthy of The Onion exposing his cowardly rear-end even as he jammed his ostrich-like head in the sand.

The “press release” is not only funny, it draws attention to the real issues at hand that may just have played into the Speaker’s decision to cancel his normal weekly Wednesday press conference (citing obligations to attend an address by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a joint session of Congress didn’t quite cut it):

Speaker Ryan has cancelled his regular Wednesday press conference so you don’t ask him about Donald Trump’s racist commentary against a federal judge, and why, ahead of their national security agenda rollout tomorrow, the House GOP wants to hand the nuclear codes to a person who engages in textbook racism

The fireworks keep going off above the GOP, Senators dumping Trump endorsements, lawmakers leaving the Republican party, and massive media and social backlash over Trump’s latest hateful, racist, statements regarding a Federal Judge.

Ryan himself waited a really long time to endorse the GOP Nominee, obviously trying to avoid being tarred with the same brush, but not long enough it turns out. Ryan has now been accused of Racism by his own party because he dared call Trump’s blatant racist attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who was born in Illinois and who’s family actually have been citizens of the US longer than Trump’s, racist.

Apparently Ryan is really, really trying very hard to just stay out of the public eye while this furor is going on, or until Trump grows a conscience (not very likey). What the hell does Ryan think it will be like for him as a Republican in the slim chance of a Trump Presidency?

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