NAACP To Trump: Yeah, If You Could Not Be A Raging Bigot In The White House, That’d Be Great

Following Tuesday night’s election, in which Donald Trump became America’s next president, the NAACP released a statement. The organization congratulated Trump on this win and asked him to please try not to be a flagrant racist as commander in chief.

After offering their congratulations, the NAACP called out the bigotry that became commonplace on the campaign trail.

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“The NAACP, as America’s oldest and largest civil rights organization,” read the statement that was released on Wednesday, “must bluntly note that the 2016 campaign has regularized racism, standardized anti-Semitism, de-exceptionalized xenophobia and mainstreamed misogyny.”

The statement gave Trump brownie points for the tone of his speech after Tuesday’s win. But the NAACP then asked Trump to continue his message of unity and asked him to “silence the dog-whistle racial politics” that have become the hallmark of his campaign.

“During this critical period of transition, we are now calling upon the next president to speak and act with the moral clarity necessary to silence the dog-whistle racial politics that have characterized recent months and have left many of our fellow citizens snarling at one another in anger and even whimpering in fear. The more than 120 million Americans who cast ballots in this election – as well as the more than 100 million more eligible voters who declined to vote – deserve no less.”

The NAACP seems to be doing the same thing as everybody else, waiting to see what happens. The idea is that we have to give him a fair chance to be our president and wait for him to screw up. He could turn into an entirely new presidential Trump, you know. We’ve heard that throughout the entire election season, and every time Trump has shown himself for exactly what he is. A bigot. But this time, this time it might be different. (Insert sarcasm here.)

We all know what’s coming. We all know who he is. So does the NAACP. (So does anyone who isn’t bat-shit crazy.) And just in case you were wondering, no. Statements the day after the election asking the president-elect not to be a raging racist, anti-Semitic misogynist are not standard operating procedure for the NAACP.

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