N-Word Screaming White Supremacist Opened Fire On A Black Politician In Texas Day Before Election (VIDEO)

Beaumont, Texas police have arrested a white male who they suspect may have shouted racial slurs at a black candidate running for sheriff and then shot out the window of her campaign headquarters.

Jefferson County Sheriff candidate Zena Stephens told her local news station that she was outside of her campaign headquarters when a white Jeep pulled up. A white male shouted “f*ck ni**ers” and then fired a shot at the window of the building, breaking the glass. According to Stephens there were about twenty people inside when the shooting occurred, but thankfully, nobody was hurt. Police believe a pellet or Airsoft gun was used in the shooting.

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Ray Beck, the Republican running for Sheriff, also spoke to reporters and said:

This is a real travesty. This should not happen in modern times. I am a personal friend of Zena’s and we are all glad that she and her friends and members of her campaign were not injured.

Beck is right, these things should not happen in modern times, but they do. Why? Because Beck’s party endorses such things.

The Republican Party’s racism rose to embarrassing levels when America elected its first black president in 2008. Then, in 2012, they had an almost nuclear meltdown when citizens re-elected the black guy. Three years later Republican Donald Trump comes along and basically told white supremacists that it is totally okay to hate minorities. This caused such excitement among people like the guy who shot out the window in this story that Trump quickly rose to number one and hasn’t moved.

THAT is the reason why these things happen “in modern times” and if Beck was really that concerned, he’d switch parties. After all, actions speak louder than words.

Featured image via video 12 News Now

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