N.C. Republican Legislator Posts Image Calling Obama ‘Islamic Son Of A B*tch’ (IMAGES)

Michael Speciale, Representative for House District 3 at North Carolina’s General Assembly, recently posted a terribly ignorant meme depicting Benjamin Netanyahu speaking condescendingly to our President, calling him an “Islamic son of a b*tch.”

A copy of the image is provided here, in case the legislator removes it from his facebook page because of it hitting the news.

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Michael Speciale Meme

Anti Obama Islamophobic Meme: Photo: Facebook

As of this moment, the picture is still on Rep. Speciale’s facebook page.

This is an elected leader, using Islamophobia to slander our sitting president. We have been hearing this for 6 years and 239 days, not counting pre-election season. Will it ever end?

Birtherism and Islamophobia are nothing new to Republicans, but generally it has been kept to the public and less espoused by actual elected officials. There have been the non-answers such as “I will have to take him at his word,” when it comes to Obama’s citizenship. However, this bigoted meme is beyond the pale considering it comes from an actual public servant.

The person responsible for this, Rep. Michael Speciale (R) N.C., had this response to his own post after he began getting some negative attention. Clearly he thinks this is something to brag about.

Michael Speciale: I find it interesting how many liberals pretend that they are offended by this post, yet they have no problem with Obama destroying the very fabric of this nation. These same folks didn’t appear fazed when some of the most vitriolic garbage was being spewed by their fellow liberals at President Bush! It must also be a slow news day at wnct and the news and observer, since they think this is a story today. Obama will end up as the worst President in history, and it will be a result of his performance, and none of my Facebook posts can be blamed!

Worst President in history? That is a pipe dream for every Republican. He has already achieved more than any American president since at least the 70s.

Featured image via Facebook screen capture

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