Mystery Pilot Hilariously Trolls Donald Trump In Skies Over Rose Parade (IMAGES)

How much do people hate Donald Trump? Apparently, someone hates him enough to use the sky over the Rose Bowl as a blank canvas for mocking him in skywriting. The mysterious writing showed up during the Tournament of Roses Parade, upstaging an awful lot of one of the oldest, and most famous, parades in the entire country.

The messages said things like, “Donald Trump loves to hate everyone,” “America is great, Trump is disgusting,” “Putin eats Trump for dessert,” and “Anybody but Trump,” among others. Read some of the messages, which were posted to Twitter, below:

Trump Sky 5 Trump Sky 4 Trump Sky 3 Trump Sky 2 Trump Sky 1

Whoever did it isn’t wrong. The worst part is that Trump is tapping into repressed sexism, racism, and downright hate in the Republican Party. He’s revealed the Republican Party for what it really is and it’s positively sickening. That someone decided to put these messages in the sky is evidence of that.

Some speculated that the skywriting was intended to reach Iowans at the Rose Bowl, since that game features Stanford and the University of Iowa this year. That means lots of Iowa fans are there, in addition to their entire football team, coaching staff, marching band and its staff, and of course, parents and friends of all those students participating in both the parade and the game.

Trump has been working hard to regain his lead in Iowa after losing it to Ted Cruz. The Iowa caucuses are just a month away, and while Iowa doesn’t have a huge amount of electoral votes, the early-voting states are important because other states tend to follow their lead. To bolster his numbers there, Trump has taken a populist approach, trying to woo voters away from Cruz by promising to do things like bring manufacturing jobs back to the state.

As of the time this story was submitted, Trump had not responded to the skywriting. It is, however, all over the news, so he’s bound to hear about it soon, if he hasn’t already. He will do one of two things: Decide whoever did it isn’t worth his time because he’s just too awesome for words, or say 1,000 times on Twitter how disgusting the spectacle was, but that his support will go up because of it.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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