MUTINY: Kim Davis’s Deputy Defies HER– Vows To Keep Issuing Marriage Licenses (VIDEO)

Kim Davis will not be at work Wednesday, according to her lawyer. She has been released from jail by U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning, on the condition she does not interfere directly or indirectly with the issuance of marriage licenses from her office.

Five of out the six deputy clerks in Davis’s office have said they will cooperate with the judge’s ruling and continue issuing licenses. The 6th, Davis’s own son, said he will not. He will not be jailed though, according to reports.

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Kim Davis, however, has a new problem now. She has a mutiny on her hands, and her deputy clerk is going to defy HER and keep issuing licenses no matter what she says.

Deputy Clerk Brian Mason has one-upped Davis, though, and said he will continue to issue licenses even if Davis orders him not to do so.

Mason, who is billing himself as the official “marriage license deputy” is the clerk who first started issuing licenses in the office. This news comes after Davis, who only was released on the condition she does not interfere with issuance of licenses,  said immediately after release that she has no plans to follow the judge’s order, and will begin refusing to issue them again as soon as she returns to work.

Davis’s lawyer said she “will not violate her conscience.”

Now, this is the part where it gets interesting. Kim Davis supporters are demanding “law breaking deputies” be fired. Yes, it is just fine if Kim defies a judge’s order, but if her deputies defy her, somehow that warrants immediate firing. Hypocrite much, Kim?

It will be fascinating to see how this turns out. If Davis somehow tries to fire her own deputies for obeying the judge’s ruling, this would result in winner lawsuits for every one of them. She and the county would be on the hook for monetary damages in all five cases, plus fines for a hostile work environment due to her forcing religious beliefs on her subordinates. Let’s hope she gets brave with Huckabee coddling her and does something intensely stupid.


Featured image via Youtube Screen Capture

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