Muslims Brutally Mock Trump’s Debate Remarks With #MuslimsReportStuff (TWEETS)

While most of us thought we would get a tranquilized orangutan at last night’s second presidential debate, Trump proved to be just as unruly as he was in the first one. Once again, he was loud, obnoxious, and constantly interrupting the moderators and Hillary Clinton.

When a Muslim woman asked him about the troubling rise in Islamophobia in the country, Trump responded by dishing out a little of his own Islamophobia. Ignoring the question, he told the woman that Muslims need to “report when they see something going on.”

The FBI was quick to point out that Muslims already do report what they see. This summer, the FBI’s director said “some of our most productive relationships are with people who see things and tell us things who happen to be Muslim.” In fact, the father of Ahmad Khan Rahami warned authorities about his violent son two years ago – but they still didn’t put him on a terror watch list. You know, they were obviously too busy protecting America from deleted emails.

In any case, people on Twitter responded to Trump’s debate remarks with the creation of the funny hashtag #MuslimsReportStuff. Here are some of the best ones:

While we probably should have an open and honest debate about how to stop acts of terror, Donald trump is NOT the one to have it.

Featured image via CounterCurrentNews

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