Muslim Marine Mocks Trump, Posts Military Badge: Here’s My Special ID — ‘Where’s Yours?’ (SCREENSHOTS)

Donald Trump’s descent into a full-on Hitlerian mindset is not surprising in the least. Popular among white supremacists  with supporters proudly screaming “white power” as they listen to Trump promise to get rid of Hispanics, Muslims, and other groups with whom such groups do not share much affinity, the billionaire doesn’t much mind who supports him. As he said following the “white power” incident, white supremacists (like two white men who, inspired by the 2016 Republican candidate, beat a Hispanic homeless man almost to death and urinated on him) are simply “very receptive to” his message.

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While Trump has focused the early parts of his campaign on the evils of Hispanic people — most of whom are rapists and drug dealers, according to the billionaire — recent events have caused The Donald to move on to a different set of brown people in force — Muslims. Sure, he’s always hated followers of the Islamic faith, promising to look into getting “rid of” all Muslims in America. But the attacks on Paris have brought out the real Donald, the Donald who kept a book of Adolf Hitler’s speeches by his bedside for light reading.

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In recent days, Trump has suggested not only closing down all mosques in America, but forcing Muslims to register in a national database and wear special little id badges like Hitler made the Jews wear. Seizing upon the billionaire’s energy, some of Trump’s colleagues have added that Muslims should be concentrated into “segregated” camps — concentration camps, if you will. Trump himself has not weighed in on concentration camps, but he was left speechless when asked to explain how his ideas are not just like those of Adolf Hitler.

Some Muslims won’t need those special ID badges, though — like Sergeant Tayyib Rashid, who already has his own — specifically, his Marine Corp identification. The Marine veteran took to Twitter to blast Trump’s bigotry in the best way possible. “I’m an American Muslim and I already carry a special ID badge,” Rashid said in a tweet directed at Trump. “Where’s yours?”


Naturally, conservatives jumped on the chance to attack him, but Rashid took the time to politely decimate them, as well:

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As for Tump, he’s done nothing. He inherited a bunch of money and deferred his draft call-up four times during the Vietnam war because he was in college. Later, he was declared medically unfit to serve — but that hasn’t stopped him from attacking veterans like John McCain, who he classifies as weak because he spent years as a prisoner of war.

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Unfortunately, Trump’s Islamophobic rhetoric is representative of a larger problem. On Thursday, House Republicans and 47 spineless Democrats voted to effectively end a successful program that assists victims of terrorism — specifically, their current target, Syrian refugees. Republicans already are plotting to attach language that would prevent the United States from harboring ISIS’ enemies to necessary spending bills, ready to destroy America to get their way. In addition, Clinton witch hunt superstar Trey Gowdy is already setting the wheels in motion to Benghazi the refugees in a massive, taxpayer money-wasting investigation.

Trump’s hate — especially given his seeming quest to become the American Hitler — is a problem, yes. But the larger issue is that Republicans stand with him.

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