Music Icon P!nk SLAYS The Hypocrisy Of Trump’s Attacks On ‘Hamilton’ Cast (TWEET)

Legendary singer P!nk usually does not wade into the arena of politics in any really heavy way. After all, as a successful artist, she likely knows that she has fans across the political spectrum and doesn’t have any interest in alienating any of them. However, when she feels the need to do so, P!nk often speaks her mind, and there’s really no denying that she is a liberal. She did just that this weekend regarding Donald Trump’s ongoing feud with the cast of Hamilton: An American Musical.

As we all know by now, Trump spent the weekend tweeting at the cast of the hit Broadway play, and even awakened on Sunday to tweet at them first thing. P!nk clearly couldn’t take the idea of the likes of Donald Trump, who is easily the world’s biggest, rudest internet bully having the audacity to try and call the Hamilton cast out for being rude. P!nk tweeted:

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P!nk is right. the idea that Donald Trump has the moral high ground on civility is beyond laughable. Even before his travesty of a presidential run that somehow resulted in his victory, he was known to go after anyone and everyone who dared to disagree with or level the slightest bit of criticism at him. Trump is a thin-skinned bully, and P!nk, the Hamilton cast, and everyone else is right to call him out for being such a hypocrite.

Way to go, P!nk! And if Trump comes after you, believe me, you’ve got plenty of devoted fans. We’ve got your back.

Featured image via Randy Holmes/Getty Images

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