Much To Your Conservative Uncle’s Chagrin, Obama Didn’t Say ‘Gotta Have Them Ribs And P*ssy Too’

Conservatives have absolutely no idea how to react like human beings after the latest release of Trump’s historically vile comments. Rather than condemn the remarks that blatantly describe and condone sexual assault, they are grasping at straws for anything that makes Trump’s words seem less disgusting. It’s a pointless exercise, but they are certainly trying.

First, they bantered back and forth about how could women possibly be offended by naughty words after reading the “Fifty Shades of Grey” books, because clearly fictional erotica is as true to life as “Debbie Does Dallas.” Never mind the fact that the sexual relationship depicted in those books was consensual and the outrage regarding Trump’s language had nothing to do with using the words “fuck” and “pussy” and everything to do with the fact that he described sexually assaulting women.

When that exercise in morality acrobatics needed a bit more of a boost, they sought out a time when anyone and everyone used the word “pussy.”

Perhaps you’ve seen this video shared by your conservative uncle, who was one of the first to dismiss Trump’s remarks as “men being men.” He is sure this is his gotcha moment! Finally! He has a real zinger for you “libtards” and he is prouder than a peacock to share it.

Except, this isn’t a zinger at all. In fact, it actually shows what real men do when other men around them talk shit.

The video is actually footage from when author Barack Obama appeared on the show “The Author Series” in September 1995. He was reading an excerpt from his book “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” where he recalled a conversation he had with others about Malcolm X’s beliefs. Snopes provided the full excerpt on their page:

One of the guys sitting nearby must have overheard us because he leaned over with a sagacious expression on his face.

“You guys talking about Malcolm? Malcolm tells it like it is. No doubt about it.”

“Yeah,” another guy said. “But I’ll tell you what. You won’t moving to no African jungle anytime soon. Or some goddamn desert somewhere sitting on a carpet. With a bunch of Arabs. No sir. You won’t stop me eating no ribs, either. Gotta have them ribs. And pussy too. Don’t Malcolm talk about no pussy. Now you know that ain’t gonna work.”

I noticed Ray laughing and looked at him sternly.

“What are you laughing at?” I said to him. “You never even read Malcolm. You don’t even know what he says.”

Sorry conservatives, look for another zinger. Like most things in life, you missed context with this one. Context is everything.

No, President Obama did not say, “Gotta have them ribs and pussy, too!”

Watch the video your conservative friends are sharing, and then go forth and debunk it. 

Featured image via video screen capture

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