MSNBC Host Leaves Kellyanne Conway Speechless After Brutally Grilling Her (VIDEO)

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway is tasked with doing one of the toughest jobs in the world: not let any reason, facts, or decency get into the Trump bubble. While at times you feel bad for her, mostly you are left wondering what type of person would sign up for the job of defending Donald Trump? I mean, just let the sink in for a minute or two.

Conway is renowned for remaining hopelessly loyal to Trump in the face of overwhelming odds, absolutely refusing to see what everyone else sees. The only way to bring her back to reality at this point is by showing her tough love. And that’s precisely what  MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle did on Wednesday.

Ruhle was relentless in her pursuit of getting Conway to admit to Trump’s never ending sexist remarks. Conway kept dancing around the question and foolishly asking what Hillary Clinton has done for women in her 30 years public service. Here was Ruhle weighing in on the recent story of People Magazine writer Natasha Stoynoff claim of being groped by Trump, whose account has been substantiated by six different witnesses:

“Stephanie, that’s not fair. I mean, I get that from a lot of childless people worrying about my kids but…,” Conway protested.

“No. But you know why?” said Ruhle. “I’m not going to let my kids watch the debate tonight. I don’t let my kids watch Donald Tump.”

“But then they get to watch Hillary Clinton?” said Conway.

Much like most sensible people who aren’t in the 3rd grade, Ruhle did not want her children being subjected to Trump out of “fear that he might address a woman in the audience with ‘You’re fat,’ or that he’ll make fun of someone with special needs.”

“I don’t ever want my kids to say that,” said Ruhle.

Conway had virtually no answer. I know, quite a shocker.

Watch the exchange below:

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