MSNBC Guest Is Glad Benghazi Committee Wasn’t In Charge Of Watergate Hearings  (VIDEO)

Benghazi, like all the other “scandals” involving Democrats before it, has been repeatedly declared to be worse that Watergate, worse than Iran-Contra, worse than you-name-the-scandal, by Republicans. It seems that they can’t wash away the fact that those scandals, occurring during the administrations of two different Republican presidents, make the GOP look to be hopelessly corrupt. So the only card they can play is the “see, we suck, but the Democrats suck worse” card. And they’re finding out the public isn’t buying, as yet another faux scandal comes crashing down at the feet of its inventors.

Outside of the right-wing bubble, objective observers agree that Hillary Clinton won the day at the Benghazi hearing. She was composed and professional, while the Republicans, whose attitudes ranged from condescending and hostile to ignorant and arrogant, came across like the petulant children that they are.

This whole debacle for the GOP has been led by the poorly coiffed congressman from Dogpatch South Carolina, Trey Gowdy, whose contempt for Clinton and Democrats was on full display during the hearing. Gowdy and the other Republicans got stuck for a painfully long time quizzing Clinton about Sidney Blumenthal, a person anyone who doesn’t spend the day immersed in politics knows nothing about. Republicans continued to obsess over what Democrats said caused the attack on the Benghazi compound, failing to realize that most people who exist outside of the right-wing/Fox News universe really don’t care who said what. If there was any question among fair-minded Americans that this is a transparent attempt to make Hillary Clinton look bad as she runs for president, that question should be answered now.

The ineptitude of the committee has been criticized in a number of media outlets, but it was framed best by MSNBC’s Mike Barnacle, who told host Joe Scarborough point-blank:

If this committee had been in charge of the Watergate hearing, Richard Nixon would have finished his term.

For those of us who lived through Watergate, the contrast between the conduct of the Senate Select Committee headed by Democrat Sam Ervin and Republican Howard Baker, and Fearless Fosdick’s Trey Gowdy’s committee is striking. There was no partisan rancor on the Watergate committee; every member from both parties seemed determined to get to the truth of the matter. And the Watergate committee let the experts do the talking. Questioning of witnesses was largely done by Republican counsel Fred Thompson and Democratic counsel Sam Dash, while committee members listened in thoughtful silence. Of course, that’s the difference between a serious committee and the current long-running, expensive joke known as the Benghazi committee. If Republicans weren’t able to question Clinton (or more accurately in most cases, lecture Clinton), how could they show to their voters who hates the Clintons, Obama, and Democrats the most? After all, hatred of anyone named Clinton is what this is all about.

Here is what Mike Barnacle told Joe Scarborough, and it sums up just how pathetic the Benghazi hearings have been in less than three minutes:

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