Mother-In-Law Of Citizens United President Makes Ugly Comparison About Immigrants

One Republican at the South Carolina Freedom Summit drew laughs, cheers, and applause when she made an appalling comparison. She was part of a focus group that GOP pollster Frank Luntz led, and is the mother-in-law of Citizens United President David Bossie. Luntz asked her to give advice to candidates regarding immigration, and she said:

One man, one vote. People are comin’ in this country across the borders like rats and roaches in the wood pile. We’ve got a state like Minnesota that says it’s not our business to check ’em out, we just register ’em. We’ve got to get control. That’s what they need to know. [SOURCE]

Yes, she actually compared immigrants to rats and roaches. Despicable. What’s more despicable is the group’s reaction. To cheer comments like that, instead of, at the very least, sitting in silence, shows the depths of the racism and bigotry inherent in people who attend these sorts of events. They might think that immigrants are just streaming into this country, but they’re not doing so like rats and roaches to a woodpile.

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Also, what does, “One man, one vote,” have to do with this? Are immigrants going and voting several times? Oh wait, that’s probably exactly what she thinks is happening. They’re all going to multiple precincts and voting multiple times. That’s obviously how Obama got re-elected in 2012.

According to The Huffington Post, Luntz then asked the group if they would vote for this woman for president. That drew even louder cheers and applause. So these people want a right-wing, isolationist bigot for president…why? Because they see immigrants as the root of all our problems? Of course they do. Unless you’re either white or Asian, you’re not contributing to the U.S. in a meaningful way.

The Wall Street Journal says that the 2016 presidential hopefuls are unsure of how to tackle an issue that could make or break their election hopes. Several candidates, like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, have flip-flopped on their positions in order to court conservatives who want more stringent immigration law, and oppose a path to citizenship for those already here illegally.

Senator Marco Rubio, who might be the GOP’s best hope when it comes to immigration, once supported a path to citizenship, but now would rather take a more piecemeal approach. Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry are very vague on what they want to do, beyond more or less shutting down the southern border.

In other words, all of these people feel they have to pander to the bigoted demographic that laughs in appreciation at someone comparing immigrants to rats and roaches. It’s sad, and it’s sick. Hillary Clinton has come out strong on the issue of immigration, and that spells trouble for a GOP that’s vague, unsure, and pandering to bigots.

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