Most Racist Governor In America Just Endorsed Most Racist Presidential Candidate

Tea Party troll, Governor Paul LePage of Maine, has endorsed Donald Trump in his bid to become the next President of the United States. The announcement came during a segment on the Howie Carr show, where LePage said “I was Donald Trump before Donald Trump became popular.” Adding that he believed Trump could go down in history as “one of the greatest presidents ever.”

Considering LePage’s background in being a racist, bigoted, xenophobe, it comes as no surprise that he would endorse the most racist, bigoted, and xenophobic presidential candidate in the 2016 race for the presidency.

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LePage drew intense fire recently when he tried to imply that black drug dealers were coming to the northeast to sell to innocent white people – oh and while they were there, also impregnating “young white girls.” Afterwards, LePage had oodles of excuses for his racism, including blaming the media, and saying that what he said simply wasn’t racist – until he finally admitted that he made the racist comments so people would pay attention to him. Sound familiar?

However, LePage isn’t only similar to Trump for his hatred of non-white people. Trump’s bullying and contempt for the laws of society that impede his narcissism are a similar theme with LePage as well. The governor has previously advocated for bringing back the guillotine, as well as nearly being impeached for blackmailing a charter school into firing an opponent of his.

LePage threatened Good Will-Hinckley charter school with pulling $500,000 in state funds from the school unless it fired Democratic Speaker of the State House of Representatives. The governor ultimately avoided impeachment on this, but his public image has yet to recover.

This level of score settling due to personal grudges seems to be a pattern. The president of the Maine Community College system was forced to resign when LePage decided that he was not obeying LePage’s plans to gut the system. The governor flat-funded the community colleges in retaliation and threatened further harm to them if the president didn’t resign from his post. In all ways, LePage is a good example of what the reality of a Trump presidency would be like in America.

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