Most Pressing Issues For 2016 – Dems: Jobs and Economy – GOP: Terrorism and Fear

When reasonable people, meaning anyone who isn’t a Republican, talk about their priorities for the 2016 election, jobs and the economy are at the top of the list, as they should be. And why not? In a climate of slow but steady economic recovery from eight years of Bush disasters, jobs and the economy are by far the most pressing issues.

In a poll released by NBC and the (very conservative) Wall Street Journal, Democrats and Republicans prioritized their reasons for voting ion 2016.

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Republicans, as usual, have a different way of thinking. With all the unsubstantiated reports of imminent jihad and ISIS training camps on our borders, the right will once again be voting their fear.

Luckily for them, their candidates are more than happy to oblige. While Democrats talk about crumbling infrastructure, the minimum wage and income inequality, Republicans chant “BENGHAZI!” and complain that the president isn’t tough enough on ISIS.

This isn’t a new trend. George W. Bush couldn’t go five minutes in 2004 without saying 9/11, and in 2014, four cases of Ebola were instrumental in Republicans taking the senate.

The number one issue isn’t the only Republican talking point that will have fear triumphing over common sense. In 2014, in addition to Mexican ISIS terrorists bringing Ebola across the border, Republicans also used their fear of the poor getting something to eat with a few pennies of their tax dollars to hand elections to a host of corporate puppets.

The poll calls it the deficit and government spending, and it comes in second for right-wingers. The left has it on the list as well, at fourth, the difference being the left understands that us spending nearly half of our revenue on defense so GOP lawmakers can keep giving huge contracts to their buddies is a travesty. The cost of a single aircraft carrier would go a long way towards helping those in need.

It’s easy to see from viewing the complete lists from the poll that the Republican propaganda machine is working. Religion and immigration also have a strong showing while climate change and health care barely make the list.

It’s the exact opposite for Democrats, who again prove they vote based on what our country needs and not on the needs of the people who own the bulk of it.

Here are the complete lists, courtesy of NBC and the Wall Street Journal:


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