Moronic Clerk Kim Davis: Obama Is ‘Literally Mashing Down’ Christians (VIDEO)

You thought America was through with her, but if you watched Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address, you know she’s ba-ack! Who? Kim Davis, of course.

The mystery of how the infamous anti-gay marriage clerk from Kentucky got into the House chamber to hear the speech has now been solved. Davis was the guest of nutbag Ohio Tea Party congressman Jim Jordan. After the speech, Davis sat down with global Catholic network EWTN’s Jason Calvi to talk about her impression of it.

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It may come as no surprise if I tell you that she wasn’t very impressed. She did find one thing that she liked, telling Calvi,

I did agree with one remark that he made about how we have to stand strong, help those that are less fortunate, and I think that is the basis of the Christian faith is the brotherly love, you know?

But she didn’t like Obama’s statement that “everybody was free to marry who they love,” saying “that was the stand that I stood against.” So in one breath Davis talks about the “brotherly love” of the Christian faith, and in the next she’s talking about standing against love when that love is between two people of the same gender.

But wait, there’s more…

Calvi asks Davis if she was surprised that the president mentioned Islam. “Oh no,” she says with a smirk. We’re left to wonder what came next, as there is a definite edit in the video at that point.

Staying on the topic of Islam, Davis says this:

One of the things that he focused on was that we should not discriminate against Muslims, and persecute them. But he never once said anything about the people of the Christian faith, who are being so tried and tested, and being mashed down literally with his agenda.

“Mashed down literally?” Methinks Ms. Davis needs to come down off her cross, grab her Funk and Wagnalls dictionary and look up the definition of “literally.”

via YouTube

via YouTube

Better yet, she should look at the site run by Open Doors USA, an organization that monitors Christian persecution around the world. The United States doesn’t appear on that group’s list of countries that persecute Christians. But Iraq is number 2, and Afghanistan is number 4, after Davis’s Republican buddies gave the people in those countries their “freedom.”

Here’s 90 seconds of Kim Davis’s bullshit, via YouTube. Can we please be done with her now?

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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