Morning Joe Panelist BLASTS Media For Softball Treatment Of Trump (VIDEO)

Since the disastrous Commander In Chief Forum where Matt Lauer badgered Hillary Clinton about her email for minutes on end, then failed to challenge Donald Trump on virtually anything he said, a new conversation has started about how the press treats the former reality TV star. On Thursday morning one panelist on MSNBC’s Morning Joe ripped the mainstream media for the constant pass that Trump gets, and the response from most of the other panelists proved he was exactly right in his criticism.

The discussion was focused on Trump’s massive business empire and his ties to foreign entities, some of which may have interests counter to those of the United States. Host Mika Brzezinski raises the question of whether Trump, who lavishes praise on people who say nice things about him and attacks those who criticize him, would be able to govern effectively given that personality trait, as it relates to his extensive overseas business connections.

Advertising executive Donny Deutsch answers, noting that Trump has accused Clinton of being controlled by Wall Street, big banks and other entities not very popular with many Americans. He then focuses on the GOP candidate and his treatment by the media.

“Every business dealing we look at of him is either dark or murky or sleazy — every single one. Yet the press, it’s so ironic how the press is painted as left-leaning. I think in a lot of ways, other than the Washington Post and New York Times, [the media] gives him a pass. Going back to the tax returns, people should not let up. They don’t let up on Hillary’s emails, people should not let up on these issues, those 500 entities that [Newsweek reporter] Kurt Eichenwald was talking about.”

At that point reporter Mark Halperin, always one to support the interests of the rich and powerful, says that he doesn’t think that having international dealings should prohibit a businessman from running for president. That wasn’t exactly the point being made by Deutsch, but Halperin doesn’t want to address his criticism of the media, being one of the guilty parties.

Mike Barnacle restates Brzezinski’s original question to Halperin, asking whether Trump could continue running his business if elected, given the newly revealed ties to foreign interests and governments. Halperin’s response highlights exactly what Deutsch was criticizing about the media. “He says he wouldn’t,” Halperin shrugs. The word of the most accomplished liar in American political history is apparently good enough for him.

Deutsch isn’t finished. He returns to the issue of Trump’s taxes.

“Why does this man not have to do what every man or woman who has run for office — why is he held to a different standard? Why?

“Tax returns, that show how you’ve lived your life as an American citizen. How you’ve owned up to your responsibilities. And how day after day every media outlet does not pound, pound, pound. ‘You are running for president of the United States. How dare you say we’re not going to see your tax returns?'”

Brzezinski brings in former RNC chairman Michael Steele, who seems to be amused by Deutsch’s rant, and once again proves his point. Steele claims that voters don’t care about Trump’s tax returns. “Show me the poll where 60 percent of the people are saying ‘I want to see your tax returns’,” he says.

Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Josh Green jumps in, agreeing with Steele. Green says voters in a recent poll said they are much more concerned about Trump’s foreign business dealings than about his tax returns.

And once again, Steele and Green prove Deutsch’s point about the media. Just three short weeks ago, a Quinnipiac University poll found that some 74 percent of likely voters say Trump should release his tax returns. And Steele wants to see a poll where “60 percent” say they want to see the returns? Try this: in the Quinnipiac poll, 62 percent of likely Republican voters said they want to see his returns.

It’s no wonder the media won’t come down harder on Trump. They can’t escape their little bubble of rich man hero worship long enough to realize that most of the rest of us want answers to the questions they keep refusing to ask.

Here is Donny Deutsch’s brilliant takedown of Trump’s treatment by the so-called-liberal-media, via YouTube:

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Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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