Morning Joe Panel Blasts Trump For ‘Disgusting’ Workout Video Of Beauty Queen Alicia Machado (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s attack on a former beauty queen during Monday’s debate is hitting home with many women. And going on Fox and Friends on Tuesday, where he doubled down on the derogatory remarks he made some 20 years ago about Miss Universe contestant Alicia Machado certainly didn’t help his cause.

Trump’s remarks about Machado dominated the conversation on Wednesday’s Morning Joe. Host Joe Scarborough observes that all the alleged billionaire had to do when Clinton brought up the topic was to apologize and say the comments he made two decades ago were stupid. That would have probably won over a few people. But of course he didn’t — Trump being who he is, he had to defend the indefensible, which has only served to make matters worse for him.

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Host Mika Brzezinski brings up Trump’s 1997 press conference with Machado, in which the beauty queen is shown working out in a gym, as Trump leers at her. Brzezinski notes that Machado “spent weeks at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, exercising.” The look on Brzezinski’s face as she quotes Trump saying “this is a woman who likes to eat a lot” makes it pretty clear what she thinks about the issue.

“It’s personal,” Brzezinski says. “He just got personal with America’s female population.”

The BBC’s American correspondent Katty Kay doesn’t mince words about her thoughts.

“I got really angry about this yesterday. My daughters, my friends, every woman I know who has had issues with weight gain… This was so humiliating.”

Brzezinski reads a portion of a commentary Kay wrote for BBC News, in which she notes,

“[Trump] should look in the mirror and have a long hard think about his obsession with the way women look…

“If Mr. Trump is serious about winning women voters…he should learn some basic gender etiquette. Lay off our size.”

“And maybe look in the mirror [at his own size],” Brzezinski finishes with her own words.

Kay reinforces her point by referring to the video of Machado’s workout:

“I can’t believe that this is going to help him with women voters. Because we circle the wagons when somebody talks about our own size and when somebody talks about our friends’ size in that way. And I felt that that video particularly of him inviting the cameras in to watch her exercise was the most grotesque exercise in humiliation of a woman I think I have almost ever seen on television.”

Here’s the segment, via MSNBC:

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