Morgan Freeman Slams Republicans For Anti-Hillary Witch Hunts: ‘Political Hogwash’ (VIDEO)

Morgan Freeman has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton and he also narrated her latest campaign ad. Even more forcefully, he told CNN that he had no concerns at all about her trustworthiness.

Freeman told host Don Lemon on Friday that he supports Clinton because of her knowledge and the “proven abilities” she displayed as Secretary of State.

When Lemon asked Freeman if he thought she had a trust issue with voters, he replied:

Not with me she doesn’t.

Freeman then went on to defend the Clintons from the attacks they have faced “for years,” and explain where he thinks the trust issue she seems to have with many voters comes from.

All you need with some people is to say it. Just put it out there, and it gets legs. The Clintons have been being beat down ever since. Way back. So she just is going along with that legacy that she’s inherited over the amount of time she has been in politics, which is a long time.

Freeman continued, putting in simple terms what he thinks of everything being thrown at Clinton this election season, and before, calling it “political hogwash.”

I think this is just made up stuff. Just, you know, it’s political hogwash.

Freeman has a history of lending his godlike voice to democratic candidates. In addition to the ad he worked on for Clinton recently, he narrated a campaign ad for President Obama in 2012.

The politically-minded actor has strongly criticized Republicans in recent months, sparking public outcry when he called the Tea Party racist. (A valid observation if you ask me, but I digress.)

Freeman also supported the removal of the small Confederate flag featured on Mississippi’s state flag and angered conservatives yet again when he defended protesters in Baltimore after widespread outrage engulfed the city following the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.

Watch the CNN interview here:

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