Morgan Freeman Endorses Hillary By Lending His ‘Voice Of God’ In New Campaign Ad

Everyone loves Morgan Freeman’s soothing, sultry voice. It instantly makes everything ten times better, and draws in listeners from all walks of life. Perhaps that’s why the Clinton campaign picked Freeman to narrate an epic new ad that highlights Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments on civil rights over the last several decades.

The ad, which is just over a minute long, will be heavily featured in South Carolina, where Clinton is slated to win, and will then be broadcasted nationally on cable in a smaller 30-second format.

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Called “All the Good”, the dramatic and somber ad showcases Clinton from her young days at church to now, highlighting a multitude of issues the Democratic frontrunner has tackled in her career in regards to civil rights and racial issues – reforming a racist juvenile justice system in South Carolina, fighting racism in Alabama schools, and registering Latino voters in Texas.

Freeman’s God-like voice adds, “Her life work has been about breaking barriers, and so would her presidency…she understands that our country can’t reach its potential unless we all do together, a stronger country.”

Freeman, who did voice over narration for President Obama in 2012, has endorsed Clinton for the presidency, joining a plethora of black lawmakers, activists and celebrities, which has helped her nearly cement a win in South Carolina, where more than 50 percent of the Democratic electorate is black. On February 19, legendry Congressman Jim Clyburn, a black Democrat from South Carolina, endorsed Clinton.

Freeman has been especially critical of Republican politics, causing outcry on Piers Morgan Live after accusing the Tea Party of racism and supported changing the Mississippi flag, which bears a miniature confederate flag. He angered Republicans again when he defended the Baltimore rioters after the unjust death of Freddy Gray.

Clinton recently promised to make ending racial inequalities the “mission” of her presidency, while also pledging over $20 billion to combat systemic racism in labor force.

Here’s the ad:


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