More Idiotic Than We Thought: Scott Walker Says Eagle Scouts Prepared Him For White House

Scott Walker has no end to the list of really bad reasons why he’s the perfect man to run the U.S. He thinks that handling 100,000 peaceful protesters in Madison prepared him to handle ISIS, Russia, and whoever else decides they don’t like us. Now, he thinks that becoming an Eagle Scout is sufficient preparation for being president.

One might point out the fact that running a state would be better preparation, and one might think that Walker would at least try and say, “I’ve led a whole state for four years, so yes, I have good leadership experience.” Such is not to be, however. At a Chamber of Commerce event in Arizona last week, Hugh Hewitt asked Walker whether he was intimidated by the prospect of becoming our next commander-in-chief. MSNBC says that Walker replied with:

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As a kid, I was in Scouts. And one of the things I’m proudest of when I was in Scouts is I earned the rank of Eagle. Being an Eagle Scout is one of the few things you get as a kid that, you are not the past, it’s something you are.


America is an exceptional country. And I think, unfortunately, sometimes there are many in Washington who think those of us who believe we are exceptional means we are superior, that we’re better than others in the world.

And to me, much like my thought process of being an Eagle Scout is, no, being an exceptional country means we have a higher responsibility, not just to care for ourselves and our own interests, but to lead in the world, to ensure that all freedom-loving people have the capacity, who yearn for that freedom, to have that freedom.

He spoke of some other things, too, but he didn’t talk about being a governor. The MSNBC article said that, in some ways, governors have built-in advantages when it comes to running for president. One of those is that they’ve shown they can oversee an executive branch and work with a legislative branch. They’re lacking in experience with foreign policy and military decisions, but they do have a major part of the job down simply because they’ve already led a mini-republic.

But instead, he’s still blowing up his menial, unrelated past, trying to make himself appear as though he’s far more accomplished than he actually is. This raises a lot of questions about his view of what the president does, and whether he has a solid view of international politics and leadership. At best, he didn’t answer Hewitt’s question at all.

We have some real clowns emerging in the GOP field. Are people like Walker, Huckabee and Cruz the best that the far right can do? Do they have no concept of how idiotic these three are, how incapable of leading a world power they are? It certainly doesn’t seem that way.


Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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