More Fallout Over Trump’s Phony Veterans Fundraiser: Outraged Marine Plans Protest At Trump Tower

That fundraiser that Donald Trump supposedly held instead of attending a January debate is coming back to haunt him. Not only has VoteVets come out against Trump — calling him a “fraud” — not only has an open letter from vets been disseminated but now he’s going to get a protest. Outside Trump Tower. Led by a Marine.

Alexander McCoy told The Hill that he thinks Trump should apologize for lying about the money he says he raised for vets. And more:

Donald has attempted to use the respect that American voters have for veterans to obscure the fact that he is completely unfit to be our commander-in-chief. As a veteran I think it’s unacceptable that he has made promises he is unwilling to keep.

McCoy promises 20-40 protesters will convene outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan at 11:00am EST. The protest is planned to last an hour. If you can’t make it and want to participate online by showing your support, use the hashtag, #VetsVsHate.

McCoy had a bit more to say about Trump’s lies, xenophobia and megalomania in his press release:

He has insulted prisoners of war and later refused to apologize. He has demeaned our service members, referring to the US military as a ‘disaster.’ And he has signaled his support for privatizing the Department of Veterans Affairs, a move which is opposed by a majority of veterans.

McCoy also noted that comments that Trump has made, especially that Trump would order the military to use waterboarding against terror suspects, “puts our troops at greater risk.” McCoy also pointed out that such a comment — even if walked back — “encourages and validates” groups like Daesh.

That protest is, once again, in front of Trump Tower in NYC at 11:00am local time. It sure would be great if more than the expected 20-40 people showed up. Also, don’t forget #VetsVsHate. Well done, Sgt. Alexander McCoy. Have fun!

Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images 

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