Montel Williams Just Completely Lost His Sh*t On Donald Trump’s Twitter Followers (TWEETS)

Montel Williams hates internet trolls. Earlier this year, the talk show host wrote a long Facebook post apologizing to all of the young people that follow him for the trolls that attack their comments and interactions. He wrote

I, however, welcome anyone who is willing to be respectful of the fact the entire reason I have an Instagram account is time and again, history has borne out that an obnoxious subset of adults insist on trolling or otherwise bombarding these kids.

Williams does speak out for the little guy on occasion, both literally and politically. Such was the case when Donald Trump finally pushed him to the breaking point on Friday night. Williams even threatened the violent overthrow of the government if, god forbid, a Trump administration forced Muslims to carry ID cards. It was then that the Trump loving trolls came out in full force. What did Williams do? He started swinging back, rhetorically of course.

Williams knows exactly who the real threat to the United States is, and it certainly isn’t the Syrian refugees:

After days of trolling from the right wing, he finally had a special note for them:

So the trolls hit back and then he swung too:

Then, people tried to tell him he didn’t have the facts straight. So, he unleashed the fact machine on Sunday evening:

Then he started calling people anti-Christian for their Islamophobia:

Then he came up with a genius idea:

I generally just call this the Oklahoma Governor’s mansion.

He makes a lot of good points. As we approach the holidays that many faiths share, one would think everyone could come together, unified around the rejection of all extremists. Whether terrorists claiming to practice Islam in Syria or terrorists claiming to practice Christianity in their white sheets, all religious extremism is evil and it doesn’t reflect the religion as a whole.

Feature image via Wikimedia commons.

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