Montel Williams CLOBBERS Whiny A$$ GOP Who Are Displeased About U.S. Hostage Release (TWEETS)

Montel Williams is mad as hell about the GOP’s response to the prisoner swap between the United States and Iran. The Navy veteran and advocate took to Twitter where he told the conservative naysayers to “sit the hell down and shut up.”

Williams has been advocating for Amir Hekmati (32) who is also a vet. According to his family, Hekmati was visiting Iran in 2011 when he was taken prisoner, accused by Iranian officials of being a spy. Due to Williams’ personal interest in this case, the television personality wasn’t about to allow the candidates to dish out their politically motivated criticisms without a stern response.

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So, he let them have it.


He then called the candidates out on Twitter for their “terrifying” action of criticizing the deal before any of the hostages were actually released. Williams went as far as saying it was “beyond irresponsible” and bordered “on disqualifying.”

He Tweeted that message to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush.

Regardless of your politics and regardless of your feelings about how the deal transpired – can we not, just as decent human beings and Americans – celebrate TOGETHER for a few brief moments the release of American hostages? Families will be reunited. Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, wives and husbands receiving their loved ones ALIVE after months of worry and heartache.

How wonderful for them! How elated and joyful and thankful they must be? Can you imagine?

Can we not allow ourselves just those few short moments of “United We Stand” before going back to criticizing, berating and otherwise disliking each other? Apparently not.

Williams was spot on in his criticisms of the conservative candidates. Their words have impact and posed risk to the pending release. That’s not patriotism, that’s pure politics – and it’s disgusting.

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