Montana State Senator Tries To Make Yoga Pants Illegal — Really

Not willing to fight anything that requires actual valor and danger, Republicans (mostly dudes) have been waging a war on women and reproductive rights since 2010. But while they have primarily focused on taking down big uterus…

…some Republican representatives  have focused on much more pressing matters: yoga pants.

It seems Montana Republican State Rep. David Moore took introduced a bill Tuesday that seeks to ban yoga pants and other tight-fitting clothing. Seriously, there’s an especially warm place in hell for anyone who dare malign yoga pants and women being able to wear them. Yoga pants have since become the “any occasion” attire for most women.

But apparently this yoga pantload is either so sexually frustrated or simply doesn’t want his wife to catch him darting at women in their tight-fitting yoga pants, he has used tax-payer money to introduce a bill that seeks to ban them. And these people fear Sharia Law coming to the US??

Rep Moore’s bill was created to preserve Montana’s reputation as a “decent state where people can live within the security of laws and protect their children and associates from degrading and indecent practices,” according to Raw Story

I thought Montana was the state where you write an anti-government manifesto and shoot yourself with the free shotgun you get with every purchase at any Montana store?

State Rep. Virginia Court (D-Billings) said the bill is clearly “a little prejudiced against women.” But in order to avoid the taint of slut-shamming, Moore’s bill also seeks to ban men from wearing speedos. Um, apples and oranges, much? One, there’s nothing aesthetically pleasing about being forced to look at a bloated middle-aged guy in a speedo.

Two, Montana isn’t exactly famed for its warm and sunny beaches that might beget such a nauseating display of male Speedo junk, whereas yoga pants are pretty much mundane and meant for any season. Moore also has no idea how police would even enforce his own law.

Cue the Yoga Pants Crime Investigation Unit!

We already knew that today’s supposedly anti-government republicans want to control a woman’s body, but now they want government to control what she wears over it. Is there truly no end to their hypocrisy.

H/T: Raw Story

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