Mom Apologies, Trump High Fives & The Ghost Of Reagan: Best Tweets From 2nd GOP Debate (SCREENSHOTS)

Some have said watching the second GOP debates was like watching a bad reality show or a good SNL skit. It was a night of Reagan worshipping nonsense, where it was claimed that a flat tax would create 2-3 jobs per college graduate, and Kim Davis was actually compared to Columbine victims.

Fact checkers from multiple websites were kept busy with all the crazy claims being thrown left and right. More than a few of us watching the second Republican debate didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or tear out their hair. Thankfully, many people chose to take to Twitter to commiserate – resulting in some hilarious wins.

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For your reading pleasure: a list of some the best Twitter moments and responses to the 2nd GOP debate, without having to spend hours scrolling though hashtags.

You may not have had hours to scroll through Twitter for the responses that will make watching it seem worthwhile, so I did it for you. Some people used GIFs, some videos, some regular non-moving (but still funny) images, while yet others relied solely on their wit and absurdity of the situation.

For your convenience, I tried to break it down by category and add a little context in case you aren’t the kind of masochist who likes to sit through hours of mind-numbing buffoonery. Because let’s face it, a lot of us who did watch it ended the night feeling like this:

Let’s start with the “Trump fives” that had very different outcomes for the recipients.

At two different points during the debate, Donald Trump bestowed his mark of approval on the comments made by the two candidates closest to him. It seems like Ben Carson wasn’t really sure what was happening, and Jeb Bush was happier he actually nailed his low life than someone who had actually won something.

Next, one of the most tweeted about events of the night – Jeb Bush admitting to smoking weed in high school, then apologized to his mom.

He made the comment in response to Rand Paul calling out that there were people on stage who smoked weed and never got punished because they were privileged.

In one of the most re-tweeted comments of the nights, Bush used Twitter to apologize to his mother.

The admittance and apology led to thousands of laughs on Bush’s behalf.

General reactions and WTF did that guy just say?

A lot of the general reactions seemed to be disbelief and confusion.

And then there are the WTF was just said comments.  Some are self-explanatory.

Then there was the time Mike Huckabee he would have a litmus test for anyone he would try to appoint to SCOTUS, and one of his questions would be if fetuses were people or blobs of tissue.

Or the time Mark Rubio said:

First of all, the only people who follow the law are law-abiding people. Criminals by definition ignore the law, so you can pass all the gun laws in the world, like the left wants. The criminals are going to ignore it because they are criminals.

To which Twitter responded:

Many got tired of Ronald Reagan being mentioned with awe every few minutes.

Jeb Bush got stuck in a loop talking about his father and brother.

Then there were the fluff questions at the end: What would be your Secret Service name and what woman would you put on the $10 bill.

Okay, the tweet below isn’t actually a joke, it was the candidates’ real answers. I just had to post because it seems like a joke.

Although this guy came up with some much more accurate answers:

Some people had fun with the candidates stumbling over naming a women.

While others were annoyed that most people said Rosa Parks, while seeming to know nothing about her.

A majority of the tweets were dedicated to the sheer length of the debate.

Others noticed some subjects that were conspicuously missing.

Many across Twitter declared Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders, who live Tweeted through most of the debate, the winner.

Feel free to agree or disagree with that assessment, but the winner of facial expressions that make the best Vine definitely goes to Trump.

Featured image via screen capture from Twitter.

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