‘Modern Family’ Comedy Writer Owns Trump On Twitter (IMAGES)

Trump gets his ass handed to him in latest Twitter war

Look, when your wits are questionable, you have no sense of humor, and you’re running for President, maybe don’t stoop to engaging comedy writers in a Twitter war?

But, Trump will be Trump, and we’re glad he attempted to take on a writer for the show Modern Family, because Danny Zuker, absolutely owns the bloviating racist billionaire now.

First, The Donald tweeted:



And Zuker responded:


Trump has faced some major backlash over racist comments he made concerning Latino immigrants recently. Now, it seems he’s pontificating about how China is killing our economy while taking advantage of their cheap labor.

Of course, every other candidate wouldn’t bat an eye at a troll, but not the Donald, oh no, instead he fires back at the guy who writes jokes for a wildly popular comedy show for a living.


If you’re not a gasbag billionaire who makes wanton racist remarks about entire races of people, then you’re a loser and easy (stupid), according to the Trumpster.

Anyone with their brain switched to ‘on’ could see that Trump was clearly outmatched in this game of wits:


And, then the KO:



And for good measure, Zuker puts a couple more shots into the back of Trump’s big head.



It’s too bad for Trump that quick wit and a sense of humor can’t be bought.

Trump was also recently owned by Neil Young who spoke against Trump’s use of his song in his presidential campaign announcement. Young took issue with the fact Trump used “Rockin in the Free World” because the song is about greedy, uncaring Republicans, so it was ironic that Trump used it, and without his permission nonetheless. Trump fired back tweeting a picture of him and the legendary liberal rocker standing together smiling after Young borrowed money for an online music project, which Trump was more than happy to announce to internet land. Young promptly schooled Trump on Facebook with this epic response.

Trump’s campaign manager has to be pulling his hair out by now.

Featured Image via Twitter (Screen Capture)

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