Mizzou President Resigns In Disgrace For Racism–Donald Trump Calls Him ‘Weak’

Protests against racism inevitably bring out the racists, known and unknown. In the wake of the protests at the University of Missouri — which resulted in the school’s president and chancellor stepping down, Donald Trump decided he had to open his big yap and let the racist sewage flow. He proved, once again, that he believes being strong means being a bully and never admitting that you’re wrong.

In an interview on Fox Business Network, Trump blasted the protests, saying he thought they were disgraceful and disgusting. He also blasted Tim Wolfe, the president, and R. Bowen Loftin, the chancellor, for their resignations:

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I think the two people that resigned are weak, ineffective people. I think that when they resigned, they set something in motion that’s going to be a disaster for the next long period of time. They were weak, ineffective people.

Trump should have been the chancellor of that university. Believe me, there would have been no resignations.

Really? What would he have done, bullied the students into submission in a bigger show of racism than they’ve already endured? For all we know, he’d have put a policy in place that banned protesting on campus, and sought to expel any student that violated that policy. Donald Trump doesn’t know how to do anything except be a jerk.

Trump is known for being a racist. He is, as Salon put it, “the galactic emperor of American racism.” He promised to close all the mosques (but not other houses of worship), and he’s spouted racist rhetoric against Latinos during his campaign (then he pulled the “but some of my best workers are Mexican” nonsense as if that excuses it). He taps into the fear and paranoia of the white supremacists who are terrified of the so-called “browning of America,” whether he knows it or not. Stuff like this is a big part of how he rocketed to the top of the GOP polls and is staying there.

In other words, we really shouldn’t be surprised by this. We should, however, be angry, because he’s contributing mightily to the problem. The last thing we need is someone popular who would shut down protests against racism. Donald Trump is, in two words, absolutely disgusting.

Featured image by Michael Vadon. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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