Mitt Romney’s Whiney Crybaby Reaction To Trump’s Nomination Is Fun To Laugh At

Mitt Romney was at a gala awards dinner Thursday for American Friends of the Hebrew University where, the Washington Examiner reports, he fielded questions from organization officials about the election season. Apparently, poor Mittens isn’t too happy about the political landscape he and his pal Paul Ryan helped to create when they taught America it was OK to hate poor people and to blame minorities for all crime ever.

Romsters says he has no intention of backing Donald Trump, staying on par with Ryan, who actually wields some political muscle, and while he ruled out a third-party run for himself and re-cast the iron shackles chaining Ryan to the speaker’s chair, he did make remarks that will have people wondering if the establishment is actually giving in to Trump or are they working diligently to find someone they can run against Trump:

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“I’m certainly going to be hoping that we find someone who I have my confidence in who becomes nominee. I don’t intend on supporting either of the major party candidates at this point.”

That could also be interpreted that the RNC is still hopeful of a contested convention somehow, though with Trump the only one still running it seems rather pointless. It’s been predicted before that this would lead the GOP to extremes. In the past 24 hours we’ve seen people burn their registration cards, lifelong Republicans shifting their support to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Iron Man if he can beat Trump. Unless they do something about it, Donald Trump’s next big day will be the first Tuesday in November.

Romney had no kind words for Clinton, either. He’s gone the route of pointing his wagging finger at both parties and shaking his robot-like head with a “tsk tsk.” Rather than take an ounce of responsibility for helping cultivate the Tea Party and the current level of blatant racism, xenophobia, misogyny and class warfare, Romney put it on both parties, quoting a portion of New York Mayor Bloomberg’s earlier commencement address, calling Trump and Clinton “Demagogues”:

He basically said, look, on the left you have this demagoguery saying all these problems in the country is because of the bankers, and people of wealth, successful people. And on the right, demagogues saying, ‘Well, no, these problems mostly involve these Muslims coming in and the Mexicans and so we’re scapegoating, which is a characteristic of a demagogue’s approach. And clearly that’s not going to solve the problems that the country faces.

How very sweet and bipartisan and Christian of him. Having Trump as a scapegoat to drop the immigration thing is a fantastic strategy. If it’s at all possible, save the poor for last. Poor-shaming and ebola won the 2014 elections. Romney offered some more thoughts on the future of the country his party:

I think it happens to be an inflection point in our history as we go through this dramatic change economically and militarily, socially, all those things … And I happen to think that the person who is leading the nation has an enormous and disproportionate impact on the course of the world, so I am dismayed at where we are now, I wish we had better choices, and I keep hoping that somehow things will get better, and I just don’t see an easy answer from where we are.

Can’t you just picture the little grey rain cloud over his head? Don’t cry, Mittens. Just say goodbye to an archaic way of life, pay your taxes and welcome to the 21st century.

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