Mitt Romney Just Sold His Soul To Orange Satan And All It Took Was A Steak Dinner (VIDEO/TWEETS)

After over a year of harsh criticism against Donald Trump, it appears that Romney has caved.

Tuesday night, Mitt Romney was photographed having a leisurely dinner with Donald Trump and former RNC chair Reince Priebus at Jean George’s restaurant at Trump Tower in NYC. There, the three dined on garlic soup with frog legs, scallops, steak and lamb chops. After dinner, Romney allowed an interview with the press and though he didn’t apologize for his previous criticism, it was definitely clear that he was not going to be speaking out against Trump again.


Pretty pathetic of him, if you ask me, but don’t worry — the internet gets its revenge, because, after an awkward photo of Trump and Romney at dinner shows up online, Twitter has a field day mocking him.

It’s doubtful that Romney will ever live this down.

Featured image via Twitter

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