Mitch McConnell Says He Would Need Permission From The NRA Before Approving A SCOTUS Nominee

Not that we are shocked, but Mitch McConnell is now using the GOP’s favorite go-to lobbyist organization as his excuse to deny considering a consensus nominee for the Supreme Court. His newest excuse, well, he just doesn’t have the NRA’s permission to move on that yet. Because the NRA trumps the constitution, apparently.


Refusing to do their jobs, to even consider or meet with a consensus candidate, simply because the millions-and-millions-of-dollars gun lobbying machine wielded by the NRA has not given them permission to do so is a heinous dereliction of duty by the actual lame ducks (second meaning, ineffective leaders) in Congress – McConnell and the obstructionist bunch. If the American people don’t vote these imbeciles out after this, I have no idea what it is going to take.

Feature image via YouTube

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