Mitch McConnell HUMILIATED After 16 Senators Refuse To Play His SCOTUS Games

Mitch McConnell was so sure that he could keep his party in line when President Obama nominated Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. He was so sure of himself that just moments after Obama’s announcement, he went in front of the Senate and vowed that he would never, EVER consider the president’s pick…but that’s not working out for him so well.

According to a report by NBC, a quarter (16) of McConnell’s senators want to meet with Garland:

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And while Garland’s path remains a very uphill battle, some Republicans are starting to shift their tone.

Two weeks into the nomination fight, 16 Republican senators now say they will meet with Garland — over 25 percent of the GOP caucus — according to a running count by NBC News.

Many of the senators are from states where they are facing a strong Democratic candidate in Blue States, in November. On Tuesday,  New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte and Illinois’ Mark Kirk, will be the first Republican senators to meet with the SCOTUS nominee. Former McCain strategist Steve Schmidt said that Mitch McConnell screwed up when he vowed to obstruct Garland’s nomination:

Mitch McConell’s knee-jerk response after Justice Scalia’s death is a public relations debacle for the Republican Party.

Indeed. With the majority of Americans agreeing that the GOP should consider Obama’s pick, it’s hard to understand the reasoning behind the Senate Majority Leader’s asinine obstructionism. Of course, he has proven time and again that he is not interested in actually serving the people who elected him; he is instead, preoccupied with blocking every single thing that President Obama does.

When Republicans took control of the Senate in 2014, they told America that they were going to prove to us that they could govern. However, in the two years that they have had control of the Legislative Branch they have done little more than prove exactly what we all knew beforehand: they have no idea how to lead this country.

It’ll be interesting to see how McConnell responds to his senators ignoring him. My guess is that he is throwing a shit fit that rivals anything we have seen from Donald Trump, behind the doors of the Senate.

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