Mitch McConnell Got a Big Thumbs Down While Voting For Himself (VIDEO)

At least one voter showed his disapproval for turtle-faced career obstructionist Mitch McConnell. As the Senate Minority Leader was casting his ballot, a man a couple rows behind him showed his disapproval of McConnell’s continuing mission to obstruct any and all progress simply because he does not like the President.

Getty Images caught the moment a disgusted-looking gentleman gave McConnell a huge “thumbs down.”

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McConnell’s Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes’ campaign staff saw an opportunity to have some fun with this new development, and ran with it in a deleted tweet.

“Hey Kentucky – you have 5 hours left to vote! Make sure you know where your polling place is,” she tweeted, reminding her supporters to vote and including the photo:

11-4-2014 6-49-33 PM

ABC News caught this glorious moment on camera, providing the goodness of a slow-motion replay to accompany the action. McConnell remained oblivious to the hero in the background waging thumb warfare on his ridiculous ideology.

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If his constituents feel this way about him, it is no surprise that McConnell attempted to suppress the Democratic vote with his “election violation” stunt.

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