Missouri Senate Candidate Responds To Accusations He Is Anti-Gun With This BRILLIANT Ad (VIDEO)

It’s a standard claim from the NRA and other assorted gun nuts: those who support any kind of controls on guns are doing so out of ignorance, because they don’t know anything about them. That was the premise of a ridiculous video put out by right-wing alleged “comedian” Steven Crowder a month ago. Now a campaign ad released by the Democratic senate candidate in Missouri should shut up Crowder and the other gun nuts who love to argue that gun control advocates are simply ignorant about the things they want to regulate.

Jason Kander is an Afghanistan veteran who is running against Republican incumbent Senator Roy Blunt in Missouri. The NRA is backing Blunt and the group’s executive vice president Wayne LaPierre has even travelled to Missouri to stump for the senator. The gun advocacy group has run ads saying that Kander, who is Missouri’s current secretary of state, was one of the most anti-Second Amendment members of the legislature during his time in the body.

The way Kander has responded to the attacks is absolutely brilliant. The former Army intelligence officer has produced a campaign ad during which he assembles an AR-15 style rifle while blindfolded. And he does it in less than 30 seconds.

As he assembles the rifle, Kander talks about how he supports the Second Amendment, but he also supports background checks. And he explains why.

“In the state legislature, I supported Second Amendment rights. I also believe in background checks so that terrorists can’t get their hands on one of these.”

Kander wraps up the 30-second spot by saying he would like to see Senator Blunt, who never served in the military, “do this” as he holds up the assembled rifle.

Kander’s ad may be the best response to the charge that people who want gun control don’t really know guns that you will ever see.

Here’s the spot, via YouTube:
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Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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