Misogynist GOP Base Bashes First Lady For Supporting Veterans, Chris Kyle

In perfectly predictable conservative style, “The Tea Party News Network” took a speech by First Lady Michelle Obama and twisted it into something it wasn’t.

An article posted on the National Enquirer of politics’ website started off with these two paragraphs:

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Michelle Obama has joined in on the chorus of Liberals demeaning and attacking Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in American military history, and the movie about his life, American Sniper.

While speaking at the launch of ‘Got Your 6,’ which is supposedly meant to encourage the entertainment industry to continue telling the stories of veterans and our soldiers on the big screen, Michelle took the opportunity to take a swipe at Chris Kyle.

The article suggests that Mrs. Obama was condemning Chris Kyle for being a man, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, she came out very much in support of Chris Kyle and the movie “American Sniper”:

While I know there have been critics, I felt that, more often than not, this film touches on many of the emotions and experiences that I’ve heard firsthand from military families over these past few years.

[The movie] reflects those wrenching stories that I’ve heard — the complex journeys that our men and women in uniform endure. The complicated moral decisions they are tasked with every day. The stresses of balancing love of family with a love of country. And the challenges of transitioning back home to their next mission in life.

Here’s why a movie like this is important: See, the vast majority of Americans will never see these stories. They will never grasp these issues on an emotional level without portrayals like this.

Conservative heads exploded immediately. Michelle Obama was supportive of Chris Kyle? Whatever will they do? Simple — take another portion of her remarks and extrapolate some fiction from it:

Of course, it’s always a ‘he.’ We sort of forget about the 1.5 million women veterans who have served in uniform.

Well, there you have it. She hates Chris Kyle for being a man. She played the sex card. Perfect. Let’s write about that and forget what she actually said, our base of clowns will buy it, it gives them another reason to call her names.

“TPNN” wasn’t the only conservative rag to jump on the “we hate women” bandwagon. “Conservative Post,” serving up ignorance for several years now, posted the same story with the headline: “Wow. Here’s the Disgraceful Insult Michelle Obama Launched at Chris Kyle.”

It’s extremely unfortunate that these imbeciles feel the need to be completely misleading. It is, however, typical of how they keep their base engaged in pure misogyny and hate. The very first comment on “TPNN’s” post reads:

When a woman becomes one of the most deadly soldiers in the military, then gets killed after becoming a civilian, we will make a movie about her. Happy now?

No. Nobody is happy that you’re such a dufus, except the other dufuses traveling the Internet with you:

Never miss a chance to divide this Nation A better question coming out of your mouth ! how come only women have to bear children! I”m not surprised if obama didn’t try and order all troops to lay down the arms and surrender in the name of allah!

Baderpa-derrr!!! If only these people would read actual news-feeds, they may have come across some of these headlines:

  • Michelle Obama defends American Sniper film – Telegraph.com

  • Michelle Obama Gives American Sniper Two Thumbs Up – USA Today

  • First Lady Michelle Obama Offers Praise For ‘American Sniper’ – Boston Herald

  • Why Michelle Obama Praises ‘American Sniper’ – Christian Science Monitor

  • Michelle Obama defends ‘American Sniper’ at veterans event – Fox News

Wait a tick… Does that last one say “Fox ‘News’?”  It seems in order to be complete a-holes the right-wing extremists are willing to ignore the Grand-Poobah of Republican propaganda.

H/T: Freakout Nation | Image: Freakout Nation

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