Military Analyst Has No Patience Cruz: He Thinks ‘Carpet Bombing’ Is Dropping Carpets Out Of A Plane

Those who can remember the Republican presidential debate in December of last year will recall the moment when Ted Cruz and Donald Trump both discussed the idea of carpet bombing the Middle East.

Since then, the issue of carpet bombing has come up repeatedly, as the Republicans love the idea of pretending to be the Covenant from Halo. Well, Fox News military analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters is tired of it and the nonsense, and vocalized it on Friday when he took a swing at Ted Cruz.

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Flying Carpets

Lt. Col. Peters isn’t exactly the sort of man you’d find sympathetic to a liberal cause. But even he’s tired of the nonsense. During the late night Kennedy show, he expressed that he’d reached his limit on the sort of verbal static coming from the presidential field.

Kennedy — a former MTV video jockey turned conservative talker — launched the conversation with Trump’s casual and noncommittal response when asked whether he’d change his campaign slogan to “duck and cover” by using tactical nukes against ISIS.

Now, Daesh is an amorphous target. It’s an idea more than a target. You can’t nuke an idea, and the only way you kill an idea is with an opposing idea. Dropping nukes on civilians is the equivalent of telling those civilians, “yeah, Daesh might be bad, but at least they won’t/can’t nuke you and trigger World War III.”

Congratulations on making the murderous thugs in Daesh look morally superior, Republicans. That takes talent.

And Peters agreed:

None of the political wannabes, none of the aspirants have done their homework. None served in the military — they’re all too important — but at least do your homework, guys. Now if you want to use a nuclear weapon on Islamic State, tell me: What’s the target? What’s the operational advantage? How would you deal with the ramifications for allies? It’s the kind of thing people throw out there, and it’s just goofy loose talk.

I can answer all those questions Lt. Col. Peters:

The target: NOT ‘MURKKA

The operational advantage: ‘MURKKA

The ramifications for allies: ‘MURKKA

And I put more thought in my answers than Trump ever would his.

Peters took another swing, too — this time at a different candidate:

I mean, when Ted Cruz talks about ‘carpet bombing,’ I get the sense he thinks it’s dropping carpets out of an airplane. You’ve got to know what the basic terms mean.

He then closed by noting that the military will not obey Trump’s every little command:

when Trump was challenged about the military and him giving an unlawful order, and the military not obeying it, he said, ‘Oh, they’ll obey it.’ Well no, Mr. Trump — our military takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. They obey the lawful orders of the Commander-in-Chief. But if the Commander-in-Chief, the president, ever gives an order that conflicts with the Constitution, the Constitution wins — hands down, every time. So I just wish these guys would — you know, come on, if you won’t do the homework, guys, get your staffers to do some for you.

Doing their homework would work if they weren’t so damn certain they knew everything. But since they’re absolutely certain they have all the answers, they have no use for homework or any other knowledge.

Watch the video below:

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