Mike ‘Walking Hypocrite’ Huckabee ACTUALLY Said This About The Left (AUDIO)

Third-tier presidential candidate and pseudo-Christian, Mike Huckabee, was on the air with conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles on Wednesday. They had a nice chat and projection session, trashing the left while not hearing that whooshing sound of the point going right over their heads.

First, Huckabee and Wiles talked about the San Bernardino attack. Naturally, they pushed the claim that the couple who carried that out had written about jihad and terrorism on social media, a claim that has been debunked. But, hey, when do facts ever matter on right-wing media?

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Wiles expressed the opinion that “the left” doesn’t care about the fourteen people killed that day, a suggestion that makes me livid. Huckabee went Wiles one better, though:

They’re able to sock that away in a whole different dimension. It’s almost as if they’re living in the Twilight Zone. They can make a neat separation between reality and what their policies are and they don’t have to match.

Wait, what? Huckabee and Wiles support unfettered gun rights, even to the point of allowing suspected terrorists buy them, and it’s OUR policies that don’t match reality? The disconnect here is jaw-dropping. Sensible gun laws don’t match the policy of fewer gun deaths? And he says we are living in the Twilight Zone? I can’t even.

But, to Huckabee and Wiles, sensible gun laws aren’t about saving lives. Oh, no. There’s an agenda here, they claim:

… the real agenda, it’s about control, controlling people, making people total servants of the state and it’s a very dangerous political philosophy to adhere to.

Unless you’re a pseudo-Christian wanting to turn the country into a theocracy. Making everyone servants of the State then… well, that’s okay. If it’s them controlling everyone, it’s all good. Got it.

Here’s the audio of that part of the interview:

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But the fun just keeps on leaving, folks. The attack on us “eeeevul libruls” continued. Huckabee and Wiles can’t understand why we are “protective” of Islam. Showing his deep misunderstanding of liberalism, Huckabee puzzled:

It’s hard for me to even get my arms around why the left is so protective of the religion of Islam… There is such an irrational position on the part of leftists… You have these positions that are supposedly so sacred to the people on the left… well, go to Tehran and get out on the town square and make a big speech advocating transgender rights and let’s see how long you last in Tehran saying that or in Riyadh… it’s irrational to the point of almost being laughable that the left pretends to believe something but then everything they do is in violation of the things they claim that they believe… It just shows how utterly duplicitous they are in all their views and what phony hypocrites they are. The left lives in la-la-land.

He should talk. He also wonders why we say that it’s a “Christian responsibility” to take in Syrian refugees. Guess old Huckabee doesn’t read much of the Bible, does he? Both Old Testament and New argue for compassion for the “strangers.” Compassion is another thing Huckabee doesn’t understand, I guess.

He also doesn’t understand that being liberal means being protective of everyone. It means protecting the rights of everyone. We believe in transgender rights and Muslim rights and we believe in a country where both are protected. That is not incompatible when everyone else is on board with it. It’s just when people like Wiles and Huckabee think that their rights are more important when we have a problem.

And not just them; anyone who tramples the rights of others will be challenged. Yes, even Muslims. Because it’s not about religion or race or gender or lifestyle, it’s about humanity. Something Huckabee apparently has trouble grasping.

Here’s the second part of the interview:

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Featured image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr 

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