Mike Pence Uses Wrong Flag In Israel Tweet, Becomes Instant International Laughingstock

Trump’s. White. House. Screws. Up. Every. Single. Thing. Even small things.

In yet another blunder in a month chock full of them, Vice President Mike Pence showed the world that impeaching Trump wouldn’t immediately solve the incompetency problem in the White House. Pence can be dumb all by himself.

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In a tweet, Pence tried to praise America’s ally Israel…

…only to select the wrong flag emoji. One that was close to Israel’s but not quite.

That’s the flag for Nicaragua.


You can tell by the fact that, unlike the flag of Israel, Nicaragua doesn’t have a Star of David in the middle and its flag literally says “Republica de Nicaragua” – some might say that’s a dead giveaway.

It might be excused as a minor gaffe if Trump’s administration wasn’t letting this level of incompetence slip through on a nearly daily basis. Already Trump mixed up the Prime Minister of Japan’s name. Got Australia’s head of state wrong. Enraged China by chatting with the Taiwanese president. Misspelled British PM Theresa May’s name. Then did it again. And then a third time. Accidentally cut two major intelligence agencies out of national security meetings because they copy and pasted the wrong list. Misspelled W.E.B. Du Bois’ name. Then screwed up the apology. And fabricated several fictional terror attacks, one of which Trump “learned” about by misunderstanding a Fox News segment he watched the night before.

And that list is far from comprehensive.

The Trump White House is a mixture of clowns, goons, and newbies with no government experience. No one seems to know what they are doing, and worse, nobody seems to care.

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